Giving you the confidence to change the world with your written word

  • Transcription and Typing

  • Proofreading and Editing

  • Fact Checking

  • Localisation from US to AUS English

  • Beta reading

  • Formatting

  • Ghost Writing


Are you a writer who is in need of constructive suggestions? Do you feel you have lost momentum with getting your book ‘out there’ and are lost and overwhelmed by the thought of it? Are you too embarrassed to talk to your friends and family about your writing because you don’t know how to answer their questions about what exactly is involved in making your story a ‘real book’? Are you afraid to let anyone read your writing for fear of how they will criticise it, or how many errors they might find? Do you want more out of the experience of publishing than just royalties? Do you want or need someone who genuinely cares and has experience in the field to gently and consistently guide you on your publishing journey? Have you so far been faced with nothing but mockery for wanting to fulfil your writing dream? Have you lost confidence in your writing or belief in yourself as a writer? Or are you a loved one of a writer and want to help instead of suffer as they do with the above challenges?

Unfortunately a lot of authors experience such obstacles. Luckily, as with all obstacles, with some help they are conquerable!

Hi there! My name is Sarah McCloghry and I want to welcome all my fellow ‘word nerds’. My mission is to use my business—My Proofreader—my skills and my clients to put more great writing out into the world! Like everyone I want to make a difference in the world and follow my passion, while learning and laughing with writers from ‘all walks’ along the way!