While due care is taken to keep all information on this website accurate and up to date, all rates quoted on this page are subject to change without notice. Feel free to contact Sarah directly at: to get the most recent pricings.

Every job is as unique as the client, writing is subjective and there are a lot of variables that can effect cost. It is because of this need for flexibility with each job that I charge by the hour.

My standard rate: $40 per hour

You should also know that the minimum possible charge is 15 minutes and I round to the nearest 15 minute increment when charging.

This applies to all of my services except typing.

To give you a starting point for estimating the cost of my reading services: my average is to allow for 2,000 words per hour, however for a refined or relatively ‘simple’ text, less time is required, so a rate of 3,000 words per hour may be acceptable, for a more complex or large text something like 1,000 words per hour would be reasonable. Using your text’s word count as a guide for estimating costs is the most effective means I’ve encountered.

To estimate the cost of my typing services: I use word count as my guide here too, I charge 5 cents per word, so a 2,000 word text would cost $100, for example.

As you may have noticed there are two main considerations when quoting, the ‘depth and breadth’ of work required (breadth referring to the size of the text or number of words). There is ‘wiggle’ room with the depth of service which can help with budgeting, however the word count is inescapable. Other considerations when quoting include: deadline (timeframe), how refined the text is, if the job is for a not-for-profit organisation or charity, if the client is a ‘loyal’/repeat customer and the skills/expertise required for the job.

I try to quote realistically, utilising what accurate estimation tools I have at my disposal, however until I actually see the text and have spent at least an hour going through it, it is impossible to know what the text will require, so in the unfortunate circumstance of a text turning out to be substantially different to what I originally quoted I will immediately notify the client so that we can revise our expectations and come to a mutual agreement. I will also still do what I can in the time I originally quoted.

I only charge for the hours I work. You will not pay for my breaks, and I ensure this with my desk timer, switch off when I leave the desk and switch on when I return, it’s that simple. That said, consultations, phone calls longer than 20 minutes, postage costs, printing costs, travel and lengthy emails (that take more than 20 minutes to read and respond to) may be included in the billable hours with due discretion.

While there is no specific standard or policy regarding pay rates for proofreaders and editors in Australia, there is much evidence that the majority of rates fall between $45–$100 per hour (over $70 is typically for specialised editing/proofreading or highly experienced editors and proofreaders). For more facts about average rates for editorial work in Australia, click here. This may, at first, seem high but when you factor in that most are freelance (running their own small business) and therefore must allow for all ‘overheads’ themselves (indefinite periods of little to no workload, insurance, superannuation, advertising/marketing, sick leave, office expenses etc.) it becomes clear that the pricing is reasonable.


Authority to proceed on your job indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions on this page, as well as, acceptance of quotes and invoices.

For new clients, I might insist on a deposit.

For some large projects, I negotiate regular progress payments.

I invoice at the completion of the job, and do not issue statements, so please pay within 14 days of invoice (due date will be found on the right, on the bottom half of the invoice).

Terms are 14 days, and is clearly specified on quotes and invoices.

Preferred payment method is by electronic funds transfer (EFT/Internet banking) however cash may be accepted if discussed and agreed to prior to work commencing on the text.

My Proofreader is not registered to collect GST.